Official YouTube Video

Photo of the group from our first workshop

Terry Covington teaching the girls about the grain on wood.

The Nails Squared Workshop was created with the idea in mind to teach women and girls basic construction skills and safety. We had four workshops in which we taught women and girls how to build a two tier bench for Camp Merriwood. The first two workshops were teaching the ladies how to build the braces for the bench. At the last two workshops we put the bench together. During the time of building we had many ups and downs, but over all it was a great experience! This website was created to have a place so people would be able to have access to an easy place to find information about the workshops. We have pages which show our message, leaders guide, our troubles, videos and pictures, important links, and how to get in contact with us! I hope this is helpful!

Overview of the Bench

One of our participants screwing in a deck screw